Blogging again…again.

June 9, 2014

Blogging Again

April 9, 2013

I don’t podcast as frequently as before. I haven’t blogged for 4 years. Why back to podcasting and blogging now? Inspiration from a band that has moved me spiritually is the reason for the return and that band is The Cambodian Space Project. After seeing them live at KULCHA in Fremantle Western Australia on Easter weekend I entered a world I never knew existed…and it was completely unexpected and nourishing to the soul.

Check out the podcast with founding member Julien Poulsen. Imagec

Interview with Andrieh Vitimus

July 12, 2009

Hands On Chaos Magic

The latest episode of "The John McNair Show" features an interview with groundbreaking magician and author Andrieh Vitimus, an important new contributor to the world of esoterica.

Esoteric Meaning of Punch & Judy – Rosicrucian Lecture from Perth SRIA College

June 17, 2009

The SRIA Sanctum Testamentum College of Perth, Western Australia presented  a lecture on the esoteric meaning of Punch and Judy on 14th June and it was videoed. It has now been put up in 3 parts at Dailymotion

eso_punchAs far as I know this is the first time that an SRIA lecture has ever been put on the Net. I decided to do this because there remain many Blue Lodge Masons who are curious about the philosophical roots of the Craft but still don’t know where to go to find out more. I hope this lecture serves to stimulate thought on our fascinating origins.


June 3, 2009

The John McNair Show Podcast features Dee Hebert  in Part 3 of Special Edition 2.

Topics include:-

- definition of terms “transsexual” and “transgender”

- persecution of transgender persons

- New Hampshire Paganism

- Christian fundamentalist views

- origins of PaganFM! radio show

- Dee’s spiritual path

- discussion of Pagan podcasts/radio shows

- Christo-Paganism

- pros and cons of opening up Wicca

- political discussion of left and right

- gay Anglicans

- caring for Pagan elders



“The Pagan Activist”

The HIV/AIDS and HPV Issues – Manifestations of a Spiritual Conflict

July 28, 2008

The HIV/AIDS and HPV Issues – Manifestations of the Spiritual Conflict Between Evolutionary and Counter-Evolutionary Forces

As my next few podcasts will be with AIDS dissidents here is an esoteric perspective on this subject.

Spiritual evolution consists in raising human consciousness from its habitual fragmented state to an wholistic non-fragmented state. In the fragmented condition we perceive polar opposites interacting endlessly in a physical universe and in our personal psychological universe. This is the fragmented consciousness which sees ‘The Ten Thousand Things’ mentioned in Taoism. One who dwells continually in this state of being perceives and experiences the Hindu ‘Maya’ or Buddhist ‘Mara’, an illusory world dominated by the archetypal opposites; male and female, light and dark, good and evil. The ending of this illusory condition results in the direct perception of Objective Reality or ‘The Ground of Being’. It has been called ‘Nibbana’ by Buddhists, ‘Nirvana’ by Hindus or ‘Tao’ by Taoists.

How does this state come about? For a mystic the intense longing for unification with the Ultimate Reality leads his or her ego to become dissolved totally in a unitary experience with Divinity. The practising of various esoteric techniques also clears the way to allow union with Reality to take place. Of the many esoteric methods for bringing about the perception of Objective Reality, Magic, Yoga and meditation are the main methods employed.

That person who has achieved full union with Reality realises the ‘empty’ nature of existence but may nevertheless act as if the world is real and may do and say things which seem impossible for an ‘Enlightened’ being due to our limited understanding of their level of consciousness. Some examples of the behaviour of such a person may include swearing, criticising others or reprimanding them verbally or physically.

As most of us, however, are not enlightened beings, we are constantly subject to the archetypal opposites mentioned previously. Politically we have Left and Right philosophies, both with their good and bad points, just like the Taoist Taijitu symbol with a point of white in the black and a point of black in the white. Neither Left nor Right alone can provide a perfect political system and even various blends of the two never satisfy us for very long.

True spiritual growth is concerned with rising above the pairs of opposites. As the seeker moves along the esoteric path to unity he or she discovers the existence of two forces: one promoting spiritual evolution and one retarding it. The one promoting it can be recognised as an energy with a loving nature which seeks to benefit all, not just one individual and to unify consciousness. The retardant energy has a destructive nature and tries to benefit self and thereby fragment consciousness.

While we are strongly under the influence of the opposites, however, we are buffeted rudely by the effects of their interplay. A prime example of how we experience them is shown by the ‘Us and Them’ scenario. This plays out very much in the forms of ‘Mainstream Thinking v Independent Thinking’, ‘Haves and Have-Nots’, ‘Priestly Class v Congregation’ and ‘The AIDS Establishment v AIDS Dissidents ‘. Within these opposing groups we can recognise the forces promoting and retarding spiritual evolution although it is not always 100% clear-cut which is which.

The ‘Us and Them’ scenario portrays an assymetrical relationship between two groups with opposing views. Let us suppose that Group A has more members and more economic and political power than Group B. Let us also suppose that Group A enjoys a more prestigious position in society than Group B. This then creates a ‘Slave and Master’ situation to whatever degree in which Group B is not able to express itself with as much freedom as its dominant counterpart. It is exactly this predicament that AIDS Dissidents and opponents of vaccination against human papilloma virus find themselves in because they are Group B and the medical establishment plus most global citizens are Group A.

Possibly the strongest defining characteristic of the dominant group is its INABILITY TO FACE REALITY. Facing reality would mean it would have to change and if it changed it would lose its dominance and die. It is for this reason that people who comprise this group are instantly recognisable through their intense fear. It is actually fear of death and is their hallmark. It may take many forms but it is always fear. When people become fearful they lose emotional control and logic abandons them. This is precisely what we see when medical scientists are asked to provide material proof of the existence of HIV. This is exactly what we find when medical experts are asked to explain the negative effects of HPV vaccine Gardasil or are questioned about its efficacy.

This battle between mainstream thought and alternative thought is the battle between the evolutionary and counter-evolutionary spiritual forces, Osiris and Set, God and the Devil. One side seeks to contract, the other to expand. One promotes union with the greater, the other wants to parasitise its opposite. Though many ideals contained within the less dominant group reflect the nature of Divinity itself without the tension between the polar opposites we do not see sense in rising above them through the practise of spiritual disciplines. These disciplines, however, need to be carried out applying the best ideals of Group B whilst minimising the negative effects of Group A.

It is well to realise that even those who have risen above the opposites and “enjoy” the fruits of liberation still experience the duality of life and suffer life’s iniquities, in some instances even more so than those who are still not free. This was the point of the Buddhist reformer Nagarjuna whose Madhyamaka philosophy taught us that Nibbana is Samsara (ignorance or the world of duality) and Samsara is Nibbana.


May 15, 2008

I have already talked about the importance of light energy for spiritual development several times on this podcast show. During episode 3 of series one I vocalised two mantras which, when listened to with focus and attention, quickly cause light energy to pour into the aura of the listener. The OM mantra causes a generalised flooding of the aura whereas the IAO mantra specifically targets the solar plexus area which as a psychic centre represents an astral crossing point. At this crossing point matter becomes spirit and spirit becomes matter. The energy present in this centre can be geometrically represented by the hexagram. In fact the lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram from the Golden Dawn magickal system accesses this energy nicely. There are also other mantras which cause a strong influx of astral light. Two from the Hindu tradition are the famous Gayatri mantra and an invocation to the elephant god Ganesh. These are in fact very powerful and cause immediate changes in energy and physical circumstances for the person reciting them. Another mantra, this time from the Egyptian tradition is the N hieroglyphic which causes matter to dissolve into primal energy. It is usually symbolised by a waveform with approximately 5 to 7 peaks.

The effect of mantras on human consciousness must never be taken lightly. On one occasion a magickian I know forcefully recited the Gayatri mantra in his mother-in-law’s kitchen. Her refrigerator immediately broke down after ten or so years of faithful service. This is a prime example of mantra affecting consciousness which is not at all separable from the so-called “physical world”. In this instance, the old and outworn refrigerator was removed and was replaced very soon by a brand new one that the mother-in-law had to buy. It is a fundamental truth that there is only a spiritual universe, not a material and a spiritual universe. The Persian-Greek dichotomy of matter and spirit is a lie. If anyone ever literally believed that dichotomy to be true it indicates a profound state of ignorance. A magickian cannot successfully perform magick believing in two universes. His or her magick can only work in one universe. The Ganesh mantra I referred to earlier also has the effect of removing the old to make way for the new and in fact one of the names of Ganesh is “the remover of obstacles”. When this mantra is recited the consciousness perceives light with a cosmic dimension and experiences a sweet astral taste. A dizziness and buzzing may also be felt in the head, behind the nose and around the third eye centre.

As all of creation is formed from universal light energy light exists in an infinite variety of forms. The so-called archetypes such as Divine Mother, Divine Father, Satan or the Divine Saviour are fixed patterns of light energy. These patterns vary slightly from each other according to which pantheon they are drawn from. For example, when comparing the saviours Jesus and Buddha Jesus displays more of the compassion aspect than Buddha as he gave up his physical body in order to benefit humankind. He also promoted reliance on the Divine Father. Buddha, on the other hand, preached self-effort as a means to attaining spiritual salvation without any reliance on a Divine Father. Essentially though, both these figures are radiating the same “saviour energy”. The energies of all these archetypes can be found in the subtle bodies of human beings in the psychic centres. These centres are either the chakras or sephiroth of Eastern and Western magickal traditions respectively. In short, invoking the archetypes releases light energy from the psychic centres which they are related to. This then brings to consciousness previously unknown complexes and energies which are then equilibrated within the psyche. When this is done in a disciplined fashion as in Yoga the end result is the harmonious operation of all these centres at full power. That is, the Yogi attains his or her natural or divine state of being. However, nothing has been done to the “outside” world, only the consciousness of the practitioner has been changed. Paradoxically though, the outside world has been radically changed as it is literally a reflection of human consciousness or the “inside world” at any given time – no more and no less.

Creation is formed from light and the universe is a structure of interacting patterns of light. Magick can therefore be seen as the practice of causing one light pattern to affect another. For example in order to arouse sexual desire in a person it is only necessary to join or link the light energy pattern of the person with the light energy pattern of sexual arousal which traditionally in the western tradition is often Venus or Aphrodite though there are many others. This then creates an astral situation where both patterns affect each other but the one with more energy causes the greater effect on the other. as both patterns exist in the one universal light that universal light is also affected and this is where karma comes in. What happens to one light pattern affects all the others.

So how do we as spiritual students, magickians or just curious people manipulate these light energies in order to cause changes in the universe? There are already too many books and courses now commonly available on Yoga and Magick but they promote techniques which in time yield results. A short-cut method is to practise the Cloud Manipulation technique I discuss in “The Power of Magick Part 2″ which is one of the most powerful methods of Magickal development in existence. Another is to listen to the OM and IAO mantras previously mentioned.

Remember that we all have free will and no one can stop us working on the Path of Light, the Dark Path or both of them. We only need to be aware that whatever we do will affect the one universal light in some way. It’s our choice.

Book Review – “Forbidden Magic: A Druid Born” by Christina McCarthy

December 9, 2007


The immense popularity of the multi-genre Harry Potter book series has opened the door for authors writing on themes even tangentially related to the bespectacled hero and his exploits. One of these authors is Christina McCarthy, a Neo-Druid of Irish descent currently living in Pingelly, a small town in rural Western Australia. “Forbidden Magic: A Druid Born” (Fremantle Press) is the first in a series of 9 books recounting the adventures of 12 year old heroine Regan, an apprentice Druid living 2000 years ago in ancient Erin (Ireland). Whereas Harry Potter is often timid and cautious, Regan resembles more his feisty and fearless sidekick Hermione Granger. Whilst drawing on the eternal themes of The Quest, Magic and The Search for the Divine, McCarthy opens the doorway to a previously unknown earthy yet magical world of power, mystery and awe. Strong characters, humour and fast-paced action keep the reader interested throughout. The author’s painstaking research enables her to show us the authentic environment, flora, fauna and human diet extant in Druidic Ireland. “Forbidden Magic” is a book for children, grown-ups and Celtic Reconstructionists alike. A Druid is born.

Forbidden Magic: A Druid Born

Fremantle Press

ISBN: 978 1 863682 95 4

Audio interviews with the author: 13 minutes 41 minutes


November 29, 2007

Olivier Clerc

Hello and welcome to episode 2 of the second series of the John McNair Show. Today’s topic is independent thinking versus mainstream thinking. Featured on this show is an interview with one of Europe’s most intelligent, humanitarian and practical philosophers Olivier Clerc. Olivier displays a perfect blend of science, spirituality and social conscience. He works in the field of publishing as author, editorial consultant and director of information gathering and translation. He is also a musician. Olivier specialises in all that contributes to individual and collective well-being, that is, spirituality, health, personal development, shamanism and human relationships. He has met and/or been influenced by many individuals important in the area of human consciousness such as don Miguel Ruiz, Dr Stanislav Grof and Robert Monroe.

Some of the subjects talked about today are AIDS and the use of drugs to expand consciousness. Olivier Clerc has a French language website called Le Scribarium which has a small English section.

As the interview was conducted via Skype there are a few technical issues now and again such as some words being inaudible.

During the monologue I talk about being an independent thinker in a world of conformists. As usual all links are to be found in the show notes.

“The Power of Magick Part 2″

July 7, 2007

Hello All,

This is the first draft of the second installment in the three part “The Power of Magick” series. Whereas part one was a basic introduction to Magick this paper focuses on the development of Magickal power and presents some new information for spiritual students and explains old and established concepts in a new way. It will be presented tomorrow (8th July 2007) as a lecture at The Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia’s Sanctum Testamentum College in Perth, Western Australia. Please be aware that as I am an Australian citizen I utilise Australian English. For the latest information on my podcast activities you may visit “The John McNair Show”. Enjoy.




Magickal development is undertaken for two reasons: to acquire the ability to change reality with the will in order to satisfy particular desires or to attain enlightenment. The changing of reality with the will can involve practices as diverse as the attracting of a potential lover, killing a person at a distance, healing a sick friend or stopping a war from taking place. Enlightenment is here defined as that state of consciousness which manifests after a human being is cleansed of impurities (karmas) acquired through lifetimes of living out of harmony with Divine Law. This section of the lecture series focuses on techniques of accumulating and releasing Magickal energy for the purpose of achieving desired goals.

What is Magickal power? It may be defined as the amount of Astral Light and will power present in a human being. How is it developed? There exist many time-tested techniques for producing Magickal power such as invoking the energies of the sephiroth of the Kabbalistic “Tree of Life”, invoking or evoking the powers of various angelic or demonic entities, activating the chakras associated with several Hindu systems of Yoga or practising different forms of pranayama (control of prana). There are in addition practices taken from the Golden Dawn system of magick such as “The Middle Pillar”, “The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram” and “The Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram”.

In order to become proficient in changing reality the magician should engage in two practices, one of them preferably on a daily basis. The first is a meditation-based session of any type, for example Vipassana, Samatha, The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or The Middle Pillar. This allows the magician to separate his/her consciousness from the everyday world, increase self-awareness and raise the sexual energy. Over a period of time this practice creates a purified and astrally powerful aura or personal universe which is not, paradoxically, separate from the so-called external universe. The second practice should fulfill certain criteria It should be an exercise which can be practised frequently and easily, which produces instantaneous results which are repeatable on every occasion and quickly builds confidence and removes doubts. The method selected is what has in the past been known as “cloudbusting. However, a more suitable name is “cloud manipulation”.

Cloud manipulation is an extremely powerful method of developing Magickal ability and is one of the most powerful in existence. It has this reputation because of the following reasons:

· It changes reality in “realtime” before the eyes of the manipulator

· Its effects can be seen by onlookers

· The control of the physical universe via the will is amply demonstrated

· The interconnectedness of all things and hence the “oneness” of life is shown

· Developing the skill can lead to the ability to not only control clouds but other and potentially all physical objects to some degree

· Proficiency in the skill gives the ability to literally create a desired physical reality

Although cloud manipulation works on the first attempt to some degree it is best to start with the easiest target so as to build confidence. Clouds fall into three basic categories; cumulus, stratus and cirrus. Cumulus are low-level puffy individual clouds, stratus clouds are mid-level and horizontally-layered whilst cirrus clouds are high-level and wispy in appearance. Cumulus and stratus clouds are the easiest to influence with the will whilst cirrus clouds are the most difficult. However, all clouds can and should be manipulated in order to increase magickal power.

What are the techniques of cloud manipulation? The most impressive act is the “disappearing” or complete “fading” of a cloud. This should be the goal for even a first attempt although a very small cumulus or stratus cloud should be chosen as the target. A period of no more than ten minutes should be spent doing this. When the operator gains confidence after succeeding repeatedly he/she should practise joining together two neighbouring cumulus clouds. Moving clouds or stopping their motion may also be attempted. In addition the practitioner could select a certain section of a cloud and create a hole in it.

Whilst performing cloud manipulation there are some conditions for the operator to observe:

· The mind should be quite relaxed and focused in the now without an attitude of wanting to dominate or destroy the cloud/s but with a quiet confidence that he/she is succeeding

· The clouds are seen as being in one’s own universe and therefore part of one’s aura, they can and should therefore be treated as any other thought or object seen in meditation because they are just thoughts

· So-called “distance” between cloud and manipulator must be eliminated as having any effect on the practice as must time and cloud size, for in truth they do not

· This practice should not be carried out when it is unsafe to do so eg whilst driving a car

The process of cloud manipulation is as follows:

· Look at the target cloud and mentally photograph it or even use a camera. Alternately the whole session might be videoed

· Focus attention on the cloud and feel it as an extension of yourself

· Realise that distance, time and cloud-size are inconsequential during the practice

· Select the change to be made in the cloud’s physical condition eg diappearance, fading, hole appearing

· Will, feel and experience the desired change in reality taking place right now, regardless of any visual proof to the contrary

· Stay relaxed but strongly focused on the process taking place, not the outcome

· After the session is completed, look at the mental or physical photograph you made of the cloud and notice the degree to which you have changed the reality of the cloud. This is an important step in impressing upon the subconscious mind what it has done and what it is capable of doing

During the process of cloud manipulation the practitioner may experience a feeling of energy rising from around the abdomen and kidney area to the solar plexus and higher. If so, this is to be allowed as it is the aura affecting the cloud. To avoid depletion of personal astral energy it is important not to feel that one is changing reality through personal force but that reality is changing through the direction of universal forces by the will.

Some other methods of cloud manipulation exist which may be useful and instructional. The will may be felt as a beam of energy streaming toward the cloud from the forehead (third eye center). Also the cloud may be drained of its orgone energy through feeling its life force being absorbed into one’s body. This results in the cloud completely disappearing. It is unwise to use this method too frequently, however, as the cloud’s orgone (astral) energy then fills the practitioner’s body/mind mechanism and can cause immediate physical symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and mental imbalance.

There are two more very valuable cloud-changing techniques which should be practised. They will deepen the understanding that all life is one and that time and space are completely illusory and nothing more than concepts adopted and accepted by individuals. The first is performing cloud-changing in the rear or wing mirror of a stationary vehicle. The second is doing the same via a live webcam which is focused on a cloud or bank of clouds in another part of the world, the further the better. When it is seen that clouds respond in exactly the same fashion as for the previous techniques the mind realizes that all objects in the physical world have no absolute position and may therefore be influenced regardless of so-called “distance”.

When demonstrating the art of cloud manipulation to others it is important to note certain facts. The person or persons witnessing a demonstration will sometimes point out, during or after the session that other clouds in the sky were also changing, not just the target cloud therefore it was a coincidence. This is a normal reaction from normal people. It arises from a deep-seated fear of primal forces which exist in all of us. There is also the fear which accompanies the feeling that a phenomenon of nature (the cloud) is being changed physically by the will of another human being. This forces the observer to think about accepting a different worldview from his/her usual one and it is this which is frightening. These forces, however, are to be accepted as completely natural faculties which may nevertheless be developed to an extremely high degree.

After a period of time the practitioner of cloud manipulation will develop an extremely high level of Magickal ability. Reality changing will become second-nature for this person. Thoughts will be seen as not significantly different from “things” ie the material universe. It bears repeating that this Magickal technique is one of the most powerful in existence for building Magickal power. Although there are many esoteric practices and traditions which may equally accumulate astral power in an individual they often take a long time to become familiar with. In addition it is only when a person has become familiar with one of these practices or traditions that he or she is able to derive power from it. In contrast, because it is less cumbersome, cloud manipulation immediately begins the process of building astral energy.

How is the Magickal power derived from this practice used to not only change clouds but reality in general? Firstly a confidence in one’s ability to definitely alter reality arises. Secondly one becomes aware of a “sea” of astral energy which always surrounds the body. This energy can be felt pressing on one’s surroundings; trees, buildings, people etc. When it is controlled by the will, it acts directly upon the so-called external environment which is actually not separate from an individual’s personal internal environment or auric field.

It is at this stage in particular that a Magickian working with this technique should intensify the practice of sati or mindfulness. This is so because the mind of the practitioner has become so strong in its ability to affect the surrounding environment that even unconscious or nearly unconscious thoughts will make their mark too. The law of attraction starts to work to a remarkable degree. Sati will ensure that the Magickian is always aware of what the mind is doing and any possible consequences which might result from certain patterns of thinking.

If I wanted to utilise the Magickal power I had accumulated from practicing cloud manipulation to heal a person of obesity here is an example of how I could do it:

· I would first get their permission to help

· I would direct the sea of astral energy which surrounds me to immediately act on the person’s body, thinning it and “fading “ it away to its true and correct proportions in the same way I might fade a cloud

· Any thoughts of failure or negativity would be allowed to present themselves then ignored as I feel, see and realize in the now that the person is perfect and whole

· This procedure would be followed daily until what has been visualised and realised as reality by myself actually presents itself to independent observers as their objective reality

· I would ignore time and distance as having any influence whatsoever on my practice

· Whilst practicing and after succeeding I would inwardly acknowledge the Divine Intelligence for the existence of this spiritual principle and be grateful for it

Whilst performing the above healing ritual I would be mindful of several underlying spiritual facts. These would include the non-reality of material existence, the non-reality of sickness or evil and the oneness of life and its impersonal nature. Thinking along these lines creates a strong mental conduit through which the intelligent astral energies will flow to heal the obese person.

It can now be seen that cloud manipulation is by far the most accessible of all magickal techniques. One does not have to be part of any mysterious esoteric order or mumble words in some strange language in order to get from point A to point B. Anyone can do it and it is the base of Low Magick and High Magick. The proof of its efficacy is in its practice.


The concept of creating a purified or holy space is well known in both Western and Eastern Magickal Traditions. Western Magickians perform daily exercises such as The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram which gradually build a permanent purified space or aura around the practitioner whilst some Tantrikas define a working circle about them. Buddhist meditators may similarly prepare their meditation area by performing various chants. There is, however, another place set apart from the mundane or “profane” world wherein a Magickian can perform Magick, meditate, relax or communicate with other beings. It is an extremely individual, intimate and private dwelling which is as real as the “normal” physical world. This is called an astral temple and although they are not necessary for spiritual development they can help it.

An astral temple should include the following features:

· A main entrance guarded by a powerful being who not only allows you to enter but also those in your company. The guardian may or may not require a password

· An ante-chamber with a ceiling, floor and four surrounding walls. The wall leading to the main temple may or may not have a door but a sign or word should be used to enter through the wall or door into the temple proper

· A main temple with a ceiling, floor and four surrounding walls facing North, South, East and West. There may be a Magickal circle in the centre of the temple with an altar if required

The Magickian should at all times have an awareness of the Divine Light shining down from above or even see it as the sphere of Kether for example. It should be present in all three areas. This practice will ensure that the temple is pure and to be used for serious spiritual work. Upon reaching the main entrance and greeting the guardian the Magickian should feel a sudden increase in the level of spiritual vibration. This vibration then increases yet again in the ante-chamber and is even higher in the main temple. When leaving the astral temple altogether the Magickian will be aware of the vibrations decreasing in power and subtlety.

Creating the astral temple is a very individualistic endeavour and the more a Magickian puts of himself or herself into it the more powerful it will be. It should be decorated according to taste with meaningful stimuli for the five senses. The temple is an area in which the Magickian can feel totally safe and relaxed.

If other people are to be taken into the temple astrally for healing or ritual the Magickian needs to be sure that the energies present there are not so strong that they will unbalance these people psychically. It is also advisable to ask them beforehand if they wish to be taken to the temple although there are occasions when the Magickian may do this without their permission for whatever reason. In such a case though there may be a karmic backlash against the builder of the temple which needs to be taken into consideration.

Secrecy plays a large part in maintaining the astral temple. Under no circumstances should the builder share with anyone the passwords, signs or methods for entering it. Similarly no one should know where it is or how it may be found. The relationship between Magickian and temple is sacred.

One use of an astral temple may be illustrated via the following scenario:

I am a Magickian with a friend who wants an harmonious, loving and sexual relationship with a female. He has asked me to assist him in making this come to pass. I decide to help him and tell him that on such and such a night I will take him to my astral temple to help rectify the problem. On that night when I feel he is asleep I enter the temple taking him with me astrally through force of will. I see and feel his energy levels rise with mine as we approach the main temple. Once there I stand with him in the Magickal circle and perform the LBRP, SIRP and evoke the Olympic spirit Hagith into the Triangle of Art. After doing this I positively petition the spirit with faith to grant the request of my friend. Knowing that my friend has received all the aid he needs I thank then dismiss the spirit. I then dismantle the circle, perform another LBRP and give thanks to the Divine. My friend and I then both leave the temple and I send his astral back to his physical body.

The uses to which the astral temple may be put are limited only by the imagination of the Magickian. This astral creation is something that should stay with its builder for life, ever changing with his or her developing consciousness yet always retaining its basic structure. Eventually it becomes a living mandala with semi-independent consciousness and existence.


Although most esoteric practices increase the amount of astral or light energy in the human aura there are some which do it more powerfully than others. The Kabbalistic Cross, The Analysis Of The Keyword and The Middle Pillar are extremely effective in bringing in the light, especially over a period of years. There exist, however, some techniques which do this more spectacularly and over a shorter time span than the aforementioned practices. These include various pranayamas of the East and West, Kriya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga as well as the evocation of certain spirits and the invocation of various angelic beings or godforms.

This section outlines some methods which can and do radically fill the aura with Divine light energy of high vibration. Some of them need to be treated with a bit of caution but should be practised anyway. Most are safe. It is first necessary, however, to understand the principle upon which they are based.


Every material has a natural frequency at which it resonates. This is also called the resonant frequency of that material. A wine glass may be shattered by the voice of an opera singer if the singer hits a note which matches the resonant frequency of the glass. This is because energy (in this case the volume of the singer’s voice) causes the glass to exceed its elastic limits. Similarly the human aura has a resonant frequency. Unlike the wine glass, however, its frequency can change with the amount of astral energy or light that is introduced into it. The practices of Magick and Yoga are designed specifically for the purpose of bringing light energy into the aura.

Spiritual evolution consists in the raising of the rate of vibration of the human being physically, emotionally and mentally. This is accomplished via the practicing of various esoteric exercises such as those found in the Magickal and Yogic traditions which actually increase the vibratory rate of the astral body. It is important to be aware that when two objects with different rates of vibration are in close proximity to each other the object with the higher vibratory rate will have a more profound effect on that object with the lower rate than the lower would have on the higher. In other words energy from a higher level will flow down onto and into a lower level but the energy at that lower level cannot flow upwards and affect the energy at the higher level. This is why being in the presence of the aura of a spiritual master can make such profound changes in the spiritual evolution of his/her disciple or in fact anyone by increasing the rate of vibration of their astral bodies. This is the principle of resonant frequency in action.

How do we utilise this principle directly in order to fill our auras with astral light? The methods are many and varied but all involve forming astral links with a spiritual source. The most powerful one is to keep company with advanced spiritual seekers, teachers or masters so that their auras will transform your own aura astrally. However, the key to the success of this operation is to adopt a non-critical and receptive attitude toward the people in question. I can vouch for the fact that the spiritual master Shanti Mayi is one of those individuals whose rate of vibration is so high that she can cause profound transformation to occur in those around her. The 19th century Indian saint Sri Ramakrishna transformed an illiterate but faithful devotee called Latu into a self-realised master. Latu had no other desire than to be the helper of Ramakrishna and consequently bathed in his energy field for years.

Astral links to divine energy may also be formed through visual and aural means. By concentrating on photos of genuine spiritual masters links may be made with them. These links become stronger the longer the practice is maintained. A real relationship can even develop with the saint. This relationship is beyond time and space. Similarly, focusing on the recorded sounds of Aleister Crowley pronouncing the Enochian Calls or Paramahansa Yogananda talking will, through the principle of resonant frequency, cause one’s astral body to immediately respond by vibrating at a higher rate.


There exists above the head a psychic centre known as Kether using the Hermetic Kabbalistic nomenclature or Sahasrara Bramharandra (the thousand-petalled lotus) using Hindu terminology. What is important is that regardless of the name employed, this is the area of the highest vibration to be found in the human aura. It is literally the source of All Being and Non-Being. The most powerful esoteric techniques utilise the energy which comes from this source. They include The Kabbalistic Cross, The Middle Pillar and various Yoga techniques. The practice of maintaining awareness of this center as often as possible fills the aura with its energy so that it becomes, with the passage of so-called linear time, lighter, cleaner, clearer and stronger. It is extremely responsive to thoughts and feelings of a devotional nature. Thoughts of this type draw much of its force into the body/mind mechanism. Time and space start to lose their reality and joy begins to permeate consciousness to a greater degree. After prolonged practice of this sort, the mind eventually loses its boundaries and becomes one with the unnamable state of consciousness associated with this center. Technique A should be acknowledged as the best method for realising the highest states of spiritual consciousness. All others are subsets of this technique.


As we are seeking to fill the aura with divine light we need to link up with those forces which contain this light in abundance. If we are Magickians we can best do this through invoking Gods such as Ra, Apollo and Surya and Goddesses like Sekhmet, Bast and Amaterasu. We might also evoke planetary entities such as the Olympic Spirit Och. If we are meditators we may practise concentration on the solar plexus center known as Tiphareth. In doing this we should at the same time be aware of the source of the solar centre’s supply which is in the eternal light above then feel and see its energy filling the solar center. This practice may produce feelings of warmth, security and solar imagery.

For the most part, the meditative way of working with solar energies is safer than the Magickal way. This is due to the fact that the energies of the solar Gods and Goddesses literally burn away the darkened areas of human consciousness rapidly and in so doing can burn the aura of the unprepared Magickian. When this happens the Magickian can psychically feel and smell the burning of his or her astral and physical bodies. The need for caution when dealing with solar energies is graphically illustrated in the Greek myth of Icarus who flew too close to the sun and perished because he ignored the warning of his father Daedalus.


Like the Sun, the Moon is also a giver of light, albeit its light is reflected from the Sun. Magickal invocation and/or evocation may also be used to access the sexual lunar energies which are located in the Yesod sphere centred around the genitals. Entities associated with this power center and which may be invoked are the God Khonsu, the Goddesses Artemis, Celene and Diana. Khonsu in particular is an extremely effective healing force which brings to light and simultaneously equilibrates demonic energies buried in the human psyche. The Olympic spirit Phul is a useful being which may be evoked. It is capable of revealing many interesting aspects of the astral plane of consciousness. It is a very Pagan energy with strong connections to the Hermetic Kabbalah. The Kabbalistic power meditation practice known as pathworking is a very effective method of equilibrating Yesodic energies.


The forces mentioned under the headings of Techniques B and C may also be accessed via properly constructed talismans. Similarly some of those forces are associated with certain mantras. These may be discovered through communication with these forces or entities during their invocation or evocation. In addition the various power centers in the subtle body, whether known as sephiroth or charkas have their own particular mantras. Listening to the recitation of mantras, recorded or otherwise will bring astral energy into the aura if the person reciting them has a true link with those mantras. The mantram AUM harmonises and balances the aura and raises its vibratory rate. During its recitation it should be borne in mind that it consists of three parts: the beginning “A”, the middle section “U” and the end “M” relating to birth, preservation and death respectively. AUM therefore represents the Holy Trinity. The mantram IAO rapidly fills the aura with astral light of a mainly solar and cosmic vibratory level. Its continued use leads to the permanent vision of spirit becoming matter and matter becoming spirit.


Like the sephiroth of the Hermetic Kabbalah, the Chakras of the Hindu-based Yoga systems have points of correspondence in the human astral body which are more or less associated with various organs in the physical body. For example the sephira Tiphareth and the Chakra Anahata roughly correspond with the heart. The concept of the 25 Tattwas is basically derived from Samkhya, one of the six classical schools of Hindu philosophy. These 25 Tattwas are arranged in sets of five corresponding to the 5 Elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. These in turn correspond with the Tattwas Prithivi, Vayu, Tejas, Apas and Akasha respectively. Each one of them has a special bija mantra or sacred vowel also known as a seed-letter. For example the Tattwa Prithivi is associated with the bija mantra LAM and the Muladhara Chakra. The pronunciation of the bija mantras may vary depending on whether they are being pronounced physically or mentally. One of the best guides available on Tattwa meditation is the book which comes with “Magical Tattwa Cards” by Dr Jonn Mumford. .


Light energy is essential for the evolution of spiritual consciousness. As has been shown in this paper, there are many techniques available for bringing this light into the human energy field. There are many more which have not been discussed as they are either not as effective or require much time to master therefore making them unsuitable for those who want rapid results. An example of a technique which was not mentioned is the Gurdjieffian practice of Conscious Labour and Intentional Suffering” which may also be described as a method of “burning karma”. It can be quite a physical and confronting method which nevertheless yields very good results for the earnest practitioner. Another example is the powerful Buddhist meditative practice of Vippassana which may be practised at any time of the day in any posture. With regard to this technique one of the very best books is “The Way of Non-Attachment: The Practice of Insight Meditation” by Dhirivamsa.

Light literally allows us to see all our thoughts and their origins thus enabling us to increasingly gain the ability to choose our reactions to any given stimulus or situation by choosing our thoughts. Before light comes in it is difficult to see many of our thoughts clearly without reacting instinctively to them as we have habitually been doing all our lives. Choosing our thoughts in a darkened state of consciousness is thus difficult as we are literally swimming in an astral sea of karma. Bringing in divine light changes the situation in an ultimately positive fashion. We are then on the way to developing true free will. In a sense we have the Magickal power to do whatever we want as we can see the consequences of any anticipated actions whether they be “good” or “evil”.

Magick and Yoga strengthen the will and make a person capable of performing what appear to be miraculous feats. There is nothing supernatural about Magick or Yoga and that word supernatural along with the words paranormal and miraculous should rightly be removed from our dictionaries. The universe works according to scientific principles which are nevertheless still largely unknown. This does not mean we should resort to fantasy in order to explain the effects resulting from the application of these principles.

Enough information has been given in this paper to enable the reader to become a successful Magickian or Yogi and change internal and external realities. There are no secret formulae to learn. Any so-called esoteric secrets which exist are simply facts conveyed from a spiritual teacher or mentor to his/her student which help to strengthen and cement their relationship to ensure the student’s continued progress. Revealing these facts to an outsider would be analogous to telling a stranger about one’s sexual relationship with one’s partner.


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